Currently, this game is just a concept modeled after the first Final Fantasy games with some touches of the old Pokemon games. It will have a money system, level system, open world maps, upgradable weapons, team making and some ~smart enemy AI.

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This game is being developed by Ben (aka ModShop) and Xander (aka N1ghtly).

Overall Progress

Our core features are about 75% done. We have a map editor ready. We have no story yet, actually we have no real direction yet for where this game is heading at the moment. We just go with the flow :)

Recent News

Current version: 0.0.6

version 0.0.6:
-Inventory class and Outfit class made, along with some functions.
-Cleaned up some messy code
-Armor class

version 0.0.5:
-Player and NPC class, derived from Unit
-Item class and derived Sword class

version 0.0.4:
-Globals.h file added, not yet completed
-Cleaned up some code, now everything is compileable
-Made two branches

version 0.0.3:
-GUI class
-Mouse class
-Unit class

version 0.0.2:
-Sound class

version 0.0.1:
-Map static lib compiled
-Timer class
-Anim class

Binaries will be released when we get to the point we have something playable.